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               Mr.HaBChe Was HeRe ウエストウッド匿名の

              ḒȰ¹n'Ⱦ ƜŎ¬ ȭrY Ḑѳƞ’ȶ ₡ṝẙ ɌéΎàh ṂӠǡɳȁ @ἡȡ Ƒłƴ

This Is No-Go Area For The Kids

 The Site Was Hacked Faild To Protect You Such As Your Face

 We Do Not Hide Our Personality Because Not Afraid OF One

                           Greets To :

aLL MY Friends  : MaRcK DZX - MiroDZ - OuSs LiNux  S.AHMeD DaHeL - ToNY LaKHDer - AMiR CHiCHi - KHiROu MeNDeZ  HaYChe - Badis25 - Ricardo Zaki - RôSs - Farouk Gnrl - Man54


Message For ADmin :

Your Website Got DeFaCeD

Your Security IS FUcKEd uP -_- !

!! Mr.HaBChe At Any Time Is Here :) !!

We are legion
For every one that falls
Ten shall take his place
We do not forgive
We do not forget
We are the face of chaos
The harbingers of judgement
We laugh in the face of tragedy
We mock those in pain
We ruin the lives of other people simply because we can
We are the embodiment of humanity
With no remorse
No caring
No love
And no sense of morality
We have only the desire for more
We are everything
We are nothing
And now, quite simply, you have our attention
Expect us

Good Night... :)


ABout DeFacer

DeFaCer Name :

Mr.HaBChe..From-Dz_48 .

Team Name :

Dz-X_48 & TeaM Ex-TM.47

Slogan :

[+] I am Algerian I like The Challenge
[+] Hacker law does not protect fools
- Please Patch Your Security,A Big Vulnerability Found At Your Site
To Catch Me,You Must Be Faster Than Lightning
To Trace Me,You Must Be The Smartest People
To Be Me,Are You Joke?
GooD Night ADMIN I'm > HABCHE "